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03 October 2010 @ 12:17 am
22 October 2008 @ 09:09 pm
I think im going to save liao lo. It's pretty bad to ask for money from parents sometimes. Like hmm thanks. lol. So looking forward. I think we've finally had settled down to my family "meeting" on overseas. And HOPE!! we can go genting this year at least. Everyone is so busy. wuahaha. Although i think i will be dead bored in Genting as i will be sitting on the roller coaster alone.. SCREAMING!! LOL who cares. I get to let it out at least at some place when people won't look at you as if you're mad. Then will go movie, go walk walk around, maybe bring swimming costume there and hope the hotel room is a bathtub so i could spend time inside and sleep.

Next i will explore the place maybe secretly. Then smuggle into casino if im fortunate then see see listen to the crowd. I think i will hold 10 seconds of my breath cos i heard inside there's full of cigarette smell.

Okay. Me and my juniors had decide that when we reach 21 we will go Genting at least.. together and other countries when we have our own family and all. So fun. After next year we'll all be on different routes. But journey never end just like that. We will still be contacting each other. Joyceline Senior lei... hmm will ask her out sometime when she's free. And yan lin and michelle i will play badminton sometimes too. I so happy now next year we're going to graduate and mugging hard. Try to participate in everything.
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19 October 2008 @ 06:01 pm

Matt Damon is the best!! Look at the first vid u will know the what the second vid is talking about. LOL .. The first one is all staged. Acting very good. Make me think that it was real. Can see matt damon smirking a bit at the second vid. Super funny. Matt and george behaved most gentlemanly in the second video.  "Hold on i think we're out of time" part was so hilarious.</lj-embed>

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19 October 2008 @ 12:14 am
New idol - matt damon!
I like his bourne series. So exciting especially the first and third bourne movie. Oh yes! there's bourne 4 next year. Super nice this action film. So cool and calm during the movie and always manage to escape. He can navigate on land, sea and even buildings quickly, accurancy (eye and gun), knows how to fight, smart, quite tech savvy and Fast thinking!!
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13 October 2008 @ 07:03 pm
Today in the hall, we watch Enchanted. Maybe if I'm young i would give it 5stars out of 5stars.

Went home i watch Oceans 11, 12, 13 again. Oh ya and also Catch me if you can. All very witty movies. But i think oceans is still the best. The jokes really quite funny than Leo's one. But Leo's one is good too as it is a true story again. Wonder why he always acted in a true story male lead.

Here's the pic of him and the real Frank William Abagnale Jr. who fraud hundreds of checks successfully... Long name. Now he was caught and release and design a security tight checks.... cool right. At least in his life he experience a lot of money in before his jail term and after his jail term...

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11 October 2008 @ 12:37 pm
Hope we can smoothly enter the cinema. Let me plan how to smuggle in.. HAHA Anyway im 16 so i can buy tickets liao! yay! haha I WAN TO WATCH THAT SHOW! 

Let me arrange the number of movie.
1. Burn after reading (pit and clooney) they rocks. Especially the oceans. So i can predict this movie will be great!
2. Big Stan
3. Body of lies  cos of leonardo  dicaprio but look a bit boring.
4. Madagascar 2
5. Revolutionary Road!!! (leo dicaprio again!)
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10 October 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Whoo ! yay... exams over! Almost everyone is wooing~ in the hall. Me too was wooing~ As the long awaited weekend has arrived.

Today's trip to sakura was quite good. haha. But still not satisfied cos i haven taste the chef's cooking due to the time as it was closing at 2.30pm so we can't take the food anymore. Still, i'm not very full. See the food a bit disheartening cos i took wrong combi of food. haha hot den desert, hot, desert then i become so damn full. And ask them dun take so much cakes and they take until so many. So i become sooo bloated lo due to the damn cakes. LOL Oh ya drink sharkfin and mushroom soup too. Mushroom one sucks. Shouldn't have taken it. It's does not taste bad la just a bit bland.The only sushi i like is them middle one. Took the duck meat... aiya the choice very little i guess it's  afternoon buffet ba. And the DIM SUM.... all taken away nothing left except lor mai kai. I didn't take as i dun like it. And the potato-like salad thingy is NOT potato!!! Trick me. It's just honey dew salad. Zzz That's how i get the funny combination. food, salad food then salad. Dun have CRAB sia! I look around for craby lei. So i took icecream and chocolates.

Next time we go must be smart.

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09 October 2008 @ 12:33 pm


Feel like sleeping now.... All the best everyone and to all the Sec 4s. We're the 老大 next year!

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05 October 2008 @ 05:56 pm
Can't believe I'm still watching this 男親女愛舞台劇skit by Dayo Wong and all. Excellent! Bravo! Fantastic! I have the sudden urge to go into drama acting. But it's very difficult, need to remember to face the audience cos will become too into the drama and memorise the script and so on. Very good especially the part when they change the background. My favourite actor got a lot, Ah lok , Miss Mo, Alex Bao, xian jie and JAMES! If you all are free can go watch too! But must watch the drama series then you will know the story is about. Let me elaborate ba.

Firstly, all of them were colleagues acting in the Lawyer. Miss mo and alex is a lawyer. Both were enemy. Then story talk about after Ah Lok and Miss Mo married together go "Lu Yin" means make love. Didn't know the two words at first until i ask my mother. So baka... LOL.. .That's all! haha.
Can laugh until you sot. Especially Dayo Wong is a good actor can make a lot of people laugh just by talking. See how powerful his words.
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02 October 2008 @ 12:00 am
Now then i know the Tomb Raider river place is at Venice. No wonder i look at the Venice pictures look a bit like Tomb Raider game. So i go search for the place lo. I watch in movie also got that river canal. That canal look so cool. First time say a "long gang" look cool~ That river so nice and the building also look Italy. Anyway it is part of Italy. =.=

Venice river - Rialto bridge

Do you want to live here? Why not? We can learn monkey language. haha. ICEY BLUE WATER!
Lao swimming pool, Kuang Si Falls 
The ice blue color of these pools is caused by light reflecting off of minerals at the bottom. It almost appears to glow when you see it in person.

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